Règle correspondante
Practice Relating to Rule 99. Deprivation of Liberty
Section A. General
Afghanistan’s Presidential Decree on Good Governance (2012) states:
Ch. 1
Article 11. The judicial institutions are instructed that no individual by no means shall be arrested or detained without legal basis nor shall be detained more than the period s/he was sentenced by court. …
Ch. 6. General Attorney Office:
Article 1. [With]in one month, all individuals, kept in detention centers, shall be scrutinized by the concerned attorneys’ offices [to] prevent … arbitrary detention (detention without evidence and proof) and [they shall] present [a] complete list of detainees, explaining their charges, to the Judicial and Justice Committee. 
Afghanistan, Presidential Decree on Good Governance, 2012, Chapter 1, Article 11, and Chapter 6, Article 1.
In 2012, the Office of the President of Afghanistan issued a press release entitled “Judicial meeting assesses administrative detention in the light of Afghan laws”, which stated:
The judicial meeting chaired by President Hamid Karzai discussed and assessed various issues including continued detention of over 600 Afghan inmates by US forces, additional Protocol II to the [1949] Geneva Convention[s] and administrative detention in the light of Afghan laws.
At the meeting held in the Presidential Palace, it was noted that based on Article 7 of the Afghan Constitution, the State of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan shall abide by the international treaties and conventions that it has signed.
Hence, Afghanistan fully observes and respects the additional Protocol II to the Geneva Convention that has enshrined in its provisions, the principles of human rights and treating prisoners humanely.
It was also stressed that the administrative detention is not foreseen in the Afghan laws; therefore Afghan nationals could only be deprived of their liberty in the light of existing laws of the country.
According to the MoU signed between Afghanistan and the United States, foreign forces do not have the right to detain Afghan citizens or run prisons in Afghan territory. 
Afghanistan, Office of the President, “Judicial meeting assesses administrative detention in the light of Afghan laws”, Press Release, 17 September 2012.