Règle correspondante
Practice Related to Rule 95. Forced Labour
Section B. Compelling persons to serve in the forces of a hostile power
Mali’s Army Regulations (1979) prohibits “compelling nationals of the adverse party to take part in war operations against their own country”. 
Mali, Règlement du Service dans l’Armée, 1ère Partie: Discipline Générale, Ministère de la Défense Nationale, 1979, Article 36.
Mali’s Penal Code (2001) provides that compelling a prisoner of war or a protected person to serve in the armed forces of a foreign power is a war crime. It adds that “compelling by a belligerent the nationals of the adverse party to take part in hostilities against their country, even if they were in the service of the belligerent before the commencement of hostilities,” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts. 
Mali, Penal Code, 2001, Article 31(e) and (i)(15).