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Practice Relating to Rule 129. The Act of Displacement
Section A. Forced displacement
Uruguay’s Basic Information for the Pre-Deployment of Personnel Involved in UN Stabilization Missions (2014), in its Annex 7 entitled “Human Rights”, states:
Deportation or forcible transfer of population:
When inhabitants are forced under some pretext to leave their homes and are deported to an allied land. This is usually committed during ethnic conflicts followed by the dismissal of an autocratic government regime. People may, however, also be moved from one place to another to ensure their safety. 
Uruguay, Información Básica para el Pre-Despliegue de Personal Subalterno a la Misiones de Estabilizacion de las Naciones Unidas, 4th edition, General Directorate of Defence Policies, Ministry of National Defence, 2014, pp. 112 and 117–120.
Uruguay’s Law on Cooperation with the ICC (2006) states:
26.2. Persons and objects affected by the war crimes set out in the present provision are persons and objects which international law protects in international or internal armed conflict.
26.3. The following are war crimes:
7. Unlawful deportation or transfer …
16. … the deportation or transfer of all or parts of the population of the occupied territory within or outside this territory; or ordering any other displacement of the civilian population for reasons related to the armed conflict unless the security of the affected civilians or persons so requires or for imperative military reasons. 
Uruguay, Law on Cooperation with the ICC, 2006, Article 26.2, 26.3.7 and 26.3.16.
In 2013, in a statement before the UN General Assembly during a meeting on the prevention of armed conflict, the permanent representative of Uruguay stated:
Two years of war have gone by – two years of unbearable suffering for the Syrian people. … More than 1 million refugees and 4 million displaced persons are figures that speak eloquently of the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis. 
Uruguay, Statement by the permanent representative of Uruguay before the 67th session of the UN General Assembly during a meeting on the prevention of armed conflict, 15 May 2013, p. 18.