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Practice Relating to Rule 99. Deprivation of Liberty
Sweden’s Penal Code (1962), as amended in 1998, provides that “depriving civilians of their liberty in contravention of international law” is a crime against international law. 
Sweden, Penal Code, 1962, as amended in 1998, Article 22(6).
Sweden’s IHL Manual (1991) considers that any person arrested, detained or interned for actions related to the armed conflict shall be informed promptly, in a language he or she understands, of the reasons why these measures have been taken. The manual considers Article 75 of the 1977 Additional Protocol I to be part of customary international law. 
Sweden, International Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflict, with reference to the Swedish Total Defence System, Swedish Ministry of Defence, January 1991, Section 2.2.3, p. 19.