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Practice Relating to Rule 29. Medical Transports
Section C. Respect for and protection of hospital ships
Australia’s LOAC Manual (2006) states:
6.44 Classes of vessels exempt from attack. The following classes of enemy vessels are exempt from attack:
• hospital ships;
• small craft used for coastal rescue operations and other medical transports;
6.45 [Such] vessels are exempt from attack only if they:
• are innocently employed in their normal role,
• submit to identification and inspection when required, and
• do not intentionally hamper the movement of combatants and obey orders to stop or move out of the way when required.
9.78 … [H]ospital ships … must be respected and protected at all times and must not be attacked. …
13.30 Among other war crimes generally recognised as forming part of the customary LOAC are:
• attacking a properly marked hospital ship. 
Australia, The Manual of the Law of Armed Conflict, Australian Defence Doctrine Publication 06.4, Australian Defence Headquarters, 11 May 2006, §§ 6.44–6.45, 9.78 and 13.30; see also § 5.41.
The LOAC Manual (2006) replaces both the Defence Force Manual (1994) and the Commanders’ Guide (1994).