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Sierra Leone
Practice Relating to Rule 139. Respect for International Humanitarian Law
Sierra Leone’s Instructor Manual (2007) states:
IHL principles are the best mankind can get in armed conflict situations …
Irrespective of rank, all members of the [Republic of Sierra Leone armed forces] must adhere to these rules religiously to avert prosecution for war crimes at the newly instituted Court Martial. The production of this manual is in part fulfilment of Government’s obligation to instruct its armed forces and civilian population alike in the provisions of international humanitarian law.
As this is the focal point of this training manual, all commanders are enjoined to integrate IHL training in their training curriculum on a regular basis so that it becomes second nature to their officers and men. 
Sierra Leone, The Law of Armed Conflict. Instructor Manual for the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), Armed Forces Education Centre, September 2007, “Introduction” (unnumbered page).