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Practice Relating to Rule 11. Indiscriminate Attacks
Slovenia’s Penal Code (1994) provides that it is a war crime to order or commit “a random attack harming the civilian population” or “a random attack on civil buildings specially protected under international law, or on defenceless or demilitarized areas”. 
Slovenia, Penal Code, 1994, Article 374(1) and (2).
In 1992, in a note verbale addressed to the UN Secretary-General, Slovenia expressed its readiness to provide information concerning violations of IHL committed by members of the Yugoslav army during the 10-day conflict with Slovenia, including the “indiscriminate use of weapons”. 
Slovenia, Note verbale dated 5 November 1992 to the UN Secretary-General, UN Doc. S/24789, 9 November 1992, p. 2.