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Practice Relating to Rule 99. Deprivation of Liberty
Serbia’s Criminal Code (2005) states that, in time of war, armed conflict or occupation, ordering or committing the unlawful “deprivation of freedom”, or “detention” of the civilian population, in violation of international law, constitutes a war crime. 
Serbia, Criminal Code, 2005, Article 372(1); see also Article 132.
In 2006, in its initial report to the Committee against Torture, Serbia stated that “a person deprived of liberty must be informed immediately in his/her own language or in a language he/she understands of the reasons of the deprivation of liberty”. 
Serbia, Initial report to the Committee against Torture, 8 February 2007, UN Doc. CAT/C/SRB/1, submitted 3 May 2006, as amended by CAT/C/SRB/2/Corr.1, 23 September 2008, § 275; see also § 284.