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Practice Relating to Rule 119. Accommodation for Women Deprived of Their Liberty
In 2006, in its initial report to the Committee against Torture, Serbia stated:
140. Male and female detainees are separated and intermingling is not allowed. …
141. Under the Law on the Execution of Criminal Sanctions, women are sent to penal-correctional institutions for women. These institutions are separated from those for men and are organized in accordance with the needs of the women serving their sentences in them. The guards, medical staff and all other employees of those institutions in direct contact with inmates are women. 
Serbia, Initial report to the Committee against Torture, 8 February 2007, UN Doc. CAT/C/SRB/1, submitted 3 May 2006, as amended by CAT/C/SRB/2/Corr.1, 23 September 2008, §§ 140 and 141.