Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 121. Location of Internment and Detention Centres
Poland’s Prisoner of War Handling Procedures (2009) states:
2.1 Capture
The capturing power shall:
g) as soon as possible, transport prisoners to the nearest holding centre, place of detention or prisoner-of-war camp;
2.2 Detention and transport of prisoners of war
The following principles shall apply to the detention and transport of prisoners of war:
d) prisoners of war may be transferred to holding centres or interrogation units;
f) prisoners of war shall be evacuated from unsafe or dangerous areas as soon as circumstances permit;
h) prisoners of war may be transferred from the place of capture to a special interrogation centre or place of detention;
2.3 Detention locations
2.3.3 Prisoner-of-war camps
Prisoners of war requiring interrogation shall be transferred to a prisoner-of-war camp immediately after questioning.
Prisoner-of-war camps shall be permanent structures, located away from the combat zone. 
Poland, Norma Obronna NO-02-A020:2000, Procedury postępowania z jeńcami wojennymi, enacted by decision No. 134/MON related to the Approval and Enforcement of Regulatory Instruments in Respect of State Defence and Security, 21 April 2009, published in the Official Gazette of the Ministry of National Defence, No. 8, Item 99, April 2009, Sections 2.1–2.3.