Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 99. Deprivation of Liberty
Section C. Prompt information on the reasons for deprivation of liberty
The Philippines’ Republic Act No. 9344 (2006), the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006, provides:
Sec. 21. Procedure for Taking the Child into Custody. – From the moment a child is taken into custody, the law enforcement officer shall:
(a) Explain to the child in simple language and in a dialect he/she can understand why he/she is being placed under custody and the offense that he/she allegedly committed;
(b) Inform the child of the reason for such custody and advise the child of his/her constitutional rights in a language or dialect understood by him/her. 
Philippines, Republic Act No. 9344, 2006, Section 21(a)–(b).
The Philippines’ Republic Act No. 9372 (2007) states:
Rights of a Person under Custodial Detention. – The moment a person charged with or suspected of the crime of terrorism or the crime of conspiracy to commit terrorism is apprehended or arrested and detained, he shall forthwith be informed, by the arresting police or law enforcement officers or by the police or law enforcement officers to whose custody the person concerned is brought, of his or her right:
(a) to be informed of the nature and cause of his arrest …
(b) informed of the cause or causes of his detention in the presence of his legal counsel. 
Philippines, Republic Act No. 9372, 2007, Section 21.