Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 30. Persons and Objects Displaying the Distinctive Emblem
Nicaragua’s Military Manual (2006) states:
Members of the Nicaraguan Armed Forces, while carrying out missions related to a situation of international armed conflict, shall act in conformity with the rules and principles of the international law of armed conflict … , or international humanitarian law … They shall thus apply and respect the following measures:
2. To guarantee the protection of and respect for establishments and mobile units of the health service which are appropriately identified with the Red Cross emblem, such as:
- Hospitals.
- Blood transfusion centres.
- Medical warehouses.
- Field hospitals.
- Tents …
- Hospital ships.
7. Respect for and protection of the military ships appropriately identified with the Red Cross emblem. 
Nicaragua, Manual de Comportamiento y Proceder de los Miembros del Ejército de Nicaragua en Tiempo de Paz, Conflictos Armados, Situaciones Irregulares o de Desastres Provocados por Fenómenos Naturales o Antropogénicos, Ejército de Nicaragua, Estado Mayor General, 2006, Article 22(2) and (7).
Under Nicaragua’s Military Penal Code (1996), failure to respect the red cross emblem is considered an offence against the laws and customs of war. 
Nicaragua, Military Penal Code, 1996, Articles 48–49.