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Practice Relating to Rule 118. Provision of Basic Necessities to Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Nicaragua’s Military Manual (1996) provides that prisoners of war have the right to receive medical care and shall be treated in terms of food and clothing on the same footing as the detaining power’s own troops. 
Nicaragua, Manual de Comportamiento y Proceder de las Unidades Militares y de los Miembros del Ejército de Nicaragua en Tiempo de Paz, Conflictos Armados, Situaciones Irregulares o Desastres Naturales, Ejército de Nicaragua, Estado Mayor General, Asesoría Jurídica del Nicaragua, 1996, Article 14(20) and (22–24).
Nicaragua’s Military Penal Code (1996) provides that it is an offence not to provide indispensable food and necessary medical care to prisoners of war. 
Nicaragua, Military Penal Code, 1996, Article 55(4).