Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 46. Orders or Threats That No Quarter Will Be Given
Nigeria’s Military Manual (1994) provides that it is prohibited “to declare that no quarter will be given”. 
Nigeria, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Directorate of Legal Services, Nigerian Army, 1994, p. 40, § 5(l)(vii).
Nigeria’s Manual on the Laws of War considers that “informing soldiers of the enemy that they will not be protected unless they surrender immediately” is an “illegitimate tactic”. 
Nigeria, The Laws of War, by Lt. Col. L. Ode PSC, Nigerian Army, Lagos, undated, § 14(a)(4).
Nigeria’s Soldiers’ Code of Conduct states that it is “prohibited … to declare that no mercy will be shown”. 
Nigeria, Code of Conduct for Combatants, “The Soldier’s Rules”, Nigerian Army, undated, § 12(g).