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Practice Relating to Rule 25. Medical Personnel
Section A. Respect for and protection of medical personnel
Nigeria’s Operational Code of Conduct (1967) states: “Hospital staff and patients should not be tampered with or molested.” 
Nigeria, Operational Code of Conduct for Nigerian Armed Forces, Federal Military Government of Nigeria, July 1967, § 4(d).
Nigeria’s Manual on the Laws of War states:
Medical personnel engaged exclusively in the search and collection of the wounded and sick and the prevention of disease, the staff engaged in the administration of hospitals and medical units … are also entitled to protection. 
Nigeria, The Laws of War, by Lt. Col. L. Ode PSC, Nigerian Army, Lagos, undated, § 33.
Nigeria’s Military Manual (1994) provides: “Specifically protected persons … recognised as such must be respected. Specifically protected persons are to be allowed to fulfil their activity unless the tactical situation does not permit.” 
Nigeria, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Directorate of Legal Services, Nigerian Army, 1994, p. 45, § (f).
Nigeria’s Soldiers’ Code of Conduct states: “Medical personnel must be respected.” 
Nigeria, Code of Conduct for Combatants, “The Soldier’s Rules”, Nigerian Army, undated, § 7.
According to the Report on the Practice of Nigeria, it is Nigeria’s opinio juris that the prohibition of attacks on medical personnel and objects is part of customary international law. 
Report on the Practice of Nigeria, 1997, Chapter 2.7.