Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 150. Reparation
Liberia’s Act to Establish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2005) states:
Considering that the civil conflict was generally characterized by gross violations of human rights and the widespread commission of gruesome and heinous crimes against humanity in further violation of international humanitarian laws and standards;
Article VII. Functions and Powers
Section 26. The TRC [Truth and Reconciliation Commission] shall enjoy and exercise such functions and powers as are relevant for the realization of its mandates. Its functions and powers shall include, but not be limited to:
(j) Making recommendations to the Head of State with regard to … [r]eparations and rehabilitation of victims and perpetrators in need of specialized psycho-social and other rehabilitative services. 
Liberia, Act to Establish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 2005, Preamble and Article VII, Section 26.