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Sri Lanka
Practice Relating to Rule 133. Property Rights of Displaced Persons
Section A. Safeguard of property rights
In 2012, in its fifth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, Sri Lanka stated:
77. Special emphasis has been given to regulating the activities regarding the management of land in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. The Ministry of Land and Land Development has decided to resolve the land disputes in these areas by implementing a special programme of work. Specific Cabinet approval has been received for policy proposals relating to the matter. Amongst the steps being taken, directions have been given to temporarily suspend the distribution of lands. Priority is to be given to those persons who have been displaced or fled from their natural locales or lost their lands. [footnote: It is proposed to set in place mediation boards in terms of Mediation (Special Provisions) Law to resolve disputes between owners who have paper title and have been displaced and those of them who are in unlawful occupation as an alternate dispute resolution mechanism.]
78. An amendment to the Prescription Ordinance is presently being considered whereby displaced or disadvantaged owners of land will be exempted from the rules of prescription during a period of 30 years, during which the armed conflict took place, so as to enable them to defeat any adverse claims based on the running of time. 
Sri Lanka, Fifth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, 31 January 2013, UN Doc. CCPR/C/LKA/5, submitted 29 October 2012, §§ 77–78.