Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 157. Jurisdiction over War Crimes
Kyrgyzstan’s Criminal Code (1997), in an article concerning “Action of Criminal Law with Regard to Persons who have Committed a Crime outside the Borders of the Kyrgyz Republic”, provides:
(1) Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as stateless persons permanently residing in the Kyrgyz Republic, shall be liable under the present Code if they have not been punished by the judgement of a court of a foreign state.
(2) Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who have committed a crime within the territory of another state can not be extradited to this state.
(3) Foreigners and stateless persons who have committed a crime outside the borders of the Kyrgyz Republic and who are within its territory can be extradited to a foreign state to be tried or to serve their sentence in accordance with an international treaty. 
Kyrgyzstan, Criminal Code, 1997, Article 6.