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Practice Relating to Rule 33. Personnel and Objects Involved in a Peacekeeping Mission
Italy’s Combatant’s Manual (1998) states:
UN personnel, equipment and facilities are protected by the “United Nations Emblem”.
IT IS FORBIDDEN to carry out hostile acts of any kind against people and objects protected by this emblem, except in cases of legitimate defence.
In Peacekeeping Operations it is not always the UN emblem that is used to protect the personnel, equipment and facilities of the Peacekeeping Force.
In such cases, each mission is provided with a specific protective emblem, which is recognized by all Parties operating in the territory of concern to the mission itself. The protection conferred by this emblem is similar to that provided by the United Nations Emblem. 
Italy, Manuale del Combattente, SME 1000/A/2, Stato Maggiore Esercito/Reparto Impiego delle Forze, Ufficio Dottrina, Addestramento e Regolamenti, 1998, § 249.
[emphasis in original]