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Practice Relating to Rule 127. Respect for Convictions and Religious Practices of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
Italy’s IHL Manual (1991) provides: “POWs [prisoners of war] shall have complete freedom in the exercise of their religion, including receiving spiritual assistance, and the commander of the camp shall facilitate such exercise so far as military discipline permits.” 
Italy, Manuale di diritto umanitario, Introduzione e Volume I, Usi e convenzioni di Guerra, SMD-G-014, Stato Maggiore della Difesa, I Reparto, Ufficio Addestramento e Regolamenti, Rome, 1991, Vol. II, Chapter XIV, § 105.
Italy’s Wartime Military Penal Code (1941) provides for the punishment of anyone who arbitrarily violates or restricts the freedom of religion or belief of prisoners of war. 
Italy, Wartime Military Penal Code, 1941, Article 213.