Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 110. Treatment and Care of the Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked
Italy’s LOAC Elementary Rules Manual (1991) provides: “Wounded and shipwrecked enemy combatants shall be cared for and evacuated to the rear.” 
Italy, Regole elementari di diritto di guerra, SMD-G-012, Stato Maggiore della Difesa, I Reparto, Ufficio Addestramento e Regolamenti, Rome, 1991, § 75.
Italy’s Combatant’s Manual (1998) instructs: “Collect and care for the wounded and sick.” 
Italy, Manuale del Combattente, SME 1000/A/2, Stato Maggiore Esercito/Reparto Impiego delle Forze, Ufficio Dottrina, Addestramento e Regolamenti, 1998, § 250.