Practice Relating to the Use of Prohibited Weapons
Georgia’s Criminal Code (1999), taking into account amendments up to 2017, states:
CHAPTER XLVII – Crime against Humanity, Peace and Security and against … International Humanitarian Law
Article 413 Other violations of the provisions of … international humanitarian law
The acts that do not contain the elements of the crime provided for by Articles 411 or 412, in particular:
c) Use of such weapons, ammunition, military equipment or weapons of mass destruction in a military operation or an armed conflict, also use of such methods of waging war that cause excessive damage, unjustified suffering, or violation of the norms of the international law of armed conflicts; and if such weapons, ammunition, equipment, or methods of waging war are universally banned;
shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of eleven to fifteen years. 
Georgia, Criminal Code, 1999, taking into account amendments up to 2017, Article 413(c).