Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 58. Improper Use of the White Flag of Truce
Fiji’s Geneva Conventions Promulgation (2007), as amended in 2009, states:
Part IV—Misuse of the Red Cross and Other Emblems, Signs, Signals, Identity Cards, Insignia and Uniforms
Use of red cross, red crescent and other emblems, etc.
12.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, it shall not be lawful for any person, without the consent in writing of the Minister of Home Affairs or a person authorized in writing by the Minister to give consent under this section, to use or display for any purpose whatsoever any of the following:
(j) such other flags … as are prescribed for the purpose of giving effect to the Conventions or Protocols. 
Fiji, Geneva Conventions Promulgation, 2007, as amended in 2009, § 12(1)(j).