Practice Relating to Nuclear Weapons
In 1996, during a debate in the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, Ecuador stated:
[D]uring the various Rio Group summit meetings, our Heads of State or Government have recalled that the Latin American and Caribbean region was established as the first nuclear-weapon-free zone on the basis of the Treaty of Tlatelolco, and reiterated the urgent need for the international community to prohibit forever the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons, as well as the need to eliminate nuclear arsenals, whose continued existence poses an imminent danger for humankind. Ecuador sees this as the only appropriate path if we are to achieve the objective for which the international community has been struggling, namely general and complete disarmament under effective international control. 
Ecuador, Statement before the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, UN Doc. A/C.1/51/PV.4, 15 October 1996, pp. 9–10.