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Dominican Republic
Practice Relating to Rule 38. Attacks against Cultural Property
The Dominican Republic’s Military Manual (1980) instructs soldiers:
You may not attack certain types of property. You are required to take as much care as possible not to damage or destroy buildings dedicated to cultural or humanitarian purposes or their contents. Examples are buildings dedicated to religion, art, science, or charitable purposes; historical monuments; hospital and places where the sick and wounded are collected and cared for; and schools and orphanages for children. These places are considered protected property as long as they are not being used at the time by the enemy for military operations or purposes. 
Dominican Republic, La Conducta en Combate según las Leyes de la Guerra, Escuela Superior de las FF. AA. “General de Brigada Pablo Duarte”, Secretaría de Estado de las Fuerzas Armadas, May 1980, p. 4.
The Dominican Republic’s Code of Military Justice (1953) provides for the punishment of any soldier who, “without necessity, attacks … places of worship … which are recognizable by the signs established for such cases”. 
Dominican Republic, Code of Military Justice, 1953, Article 201(2).