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Practice Relating to Rule 30. Persons and Objects Displaying the Distinctive Emblem
Cameroon’s Disciplinary Regulations (1975) provides that, under the laws and customs of war, each soldier must respect “the emblems of the Red Cross and of national Red Cross societies which are protective signs as such”. 
Cameroon, Règlement de discipline dans les Forces Armées, Décret No. 75/700, 6 November 1975, Article 31.
Cameroon’s Disciplinary Regulations (2007) states:
Article 31: Humanitarian rules
Every soldier must:
- respect medical units, establishments and transports, hospital zones and localities, places where the wounded and sick, civilian or military, are collected, the emblems of the Red Cross, the Red Crescent and national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, which are protective signs as such, as well as medical personnel;
For the application of the rules addressed in the two preceding paragraphs,
the medical and religious personnel, apart from their distinctive emblem, must carry the special identity card defined by the Geneva Conventions.
These rules apply to the extent possible to operations undertaken by airplanes and navy ships against targets on land or at sea. 
Cameroon, Règlement de discipline générale dans les forces de défense, Décret N° 2007/199, Président de la République, 7 July 2007, Article 31.