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Practice Relating to Rule 42. Works and Installations Containing Dangerous Forces
Section B. Placement of military objectives near works and installations containing dangerous forces
Switzerland’s Regulation on Legal Bases for Conduct during an Engagement (2005) states:
14 Protected objects
14.3 Installations containing dangerous forces
211 Works and installations containing dangerous forces, such as dams, dykes and nuclear power plants, may not be made the object of attack, even when they are military objectives, if such attack may cause the release of dangerous forces and consequent severe losses among the civilian population.
213 Establishing military facilities and emplacements in the immediate proximity of these installations is prohibited.
214 Protecting and defending the installations mentioned above against acts of sabotage, terrorist attacks or unjustified intrusion are permitted. In such an event, the installations maintain their protected status, i.e. they do not become a legitimate military objective. 
Switzerland, Bases légales du comportement à l’engagement (BCE), Règlement 51.007/IVf, Swiss Army, issued based on Article 10 of the Ordinance on the Organization of the Federal Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sports of 7 March 2003, entry into force on 1 July 2005, §§ 211 and 213–214 .