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Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of
Practice Relating to Rule 69. Loss of Inviolability of Parlementaires
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s Military Manual (1988) provides:
A parlementaire or the persons in his escort can be court-martialled if they do not respect the conditions determined by the commander who receives the parlementaire and that the parlementaire or the commander who sends him had accepted, if it is clear and incontestable that they used their privileged position to collect information of military nature, or if the other side sends them for perfidious purposes, with intent of its troops to do military actions under the protection of the white flag, and they know of that intent. 
Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of, Propisi o Primeri Pravila Medjunarodnog Ratnog Prava u Oruzanim Snagama SFRJ, PrU-2, Savezni Sekretarijat za Narodnu Odbranu (Pravna Uprava), 1988, § 131.
The commentary on the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s Penal Code (1976), as amended in 2001, states: “If [a parlementaire] abuses [his] duty (in order to perform espionage, to try to film positions or to establish contact with other persons in order to recruit them, etc.), he is no longer entitled to immunity.” 
Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic, Penal Code, 1976, as amended in 2001, commentary on Article 149.