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Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of
Practice Relating to Rule 153. Command Responsibility for Failure to Prevent, Punish or Report War Crimes
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s Military Manual (1988) states that a superior who was aware of preparations for acts that would violate certain norms and did not prevent their occurrence or carry out appropriate disciplinary measures is personally responsible. A superior officer shall especially be responsible as an accomplice or instigator in case of repeated violations by subordinates. 
Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of, Propisi o Primeri Pravila Medjunarodnog Ratnog Prava u Oruzanim Snagama SFRJ, PrU-2, Savezni Sekretarijat za Narodnu Odbranu (Pravna Uprava), 1988, § 20.
In Order No. 985-1/91 issued in 1991, the Chief of General Staff of the Yugoslav People’s Army (YPA) stated:
Command structures and units have the duty to inform immediately their commanding officers on any violation of international law of warfare. Any information in this regard that may appear should be forwarded to the General Staff in regular reports. 
Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of (FRY), Chief of General Staff of the YPA, Legal Department, Order No. 985-1/91, 3 October 1991, § 4.