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Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of
Practice Relating to Rule 106. Conditions for Prisoner-of-War Status
Section C. Situations where combatants cannot distinguish themselves
The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s Military Manual (1988) states:
Civilians who during an armed attack or a military operation preparatory to an attack do not wear any distinctive sign, that is do not distinguish themselves from the civilian population, are considered combatants and members of the armed forces, provided they carry arms openly during each military engagement as well as during such time as they are visible to the adversary preceding an attack in which they are to participate and provided they comply with the laws of war. 
Yugoslavia, Socialist Federal Republic of, Propisi o Primeri Pravila Medjunarodnog Ratnog Prava u Oruzanim Snagama SFRJ, PrU-2, Savezni Sekretarijat za Narodnu Odbranu (Pravna Uprava), 1988, § 48(4).