Annex III. Expert consultations

1. Consultation with the Steering Committee (1998)
First meeting, 28 April–1 May 1998: Specific methods of warfare; Weapons.
Second meeting, 16–18 August 1998: Principle of distinction; Specifically protected persons and objects.
Third meeting, 14–17 October 1998: Treatment of civilians and persons hors de combat; Implementation.
The Steering Committee consisted of Professors Georges Abi-Saab, Salah El-Din Amer, Ove Bring, Eric David, John Dugard, Florentino Feliciano, Horst Fischer, Françoise Hampson, Theodor Meron, Djamchid Momtaz, Milan Šahović and Raúl Emilio Vinuesa.
2. Consultation with academic and governmental experts (1999)
First meeting, 4–8 January 1999: Specific methods of warfare; Weapons; Specifically protected persons and objects.
Second meeting, 1–5 May 1999: Principle of distinction; Treatment of civilians and persons hors de combat; Implementation.
The following academic and governmental experts were invited by the ICRC, in their personal capacity, to participate in this consultation:
Abdallah Ad-Douri (Iraq), Paul Berman (United Kingdom), Sadi Çaycý (Turkey), Michael Cowling (South Africa), Edward Cummings (United States of America), Antonio de Icaza (Mexico), Yoram Dinstein (Israel), Jean-Michel Favre (France), William Fenrick (Canada), Dieter Fleck (Germany), Juan Carlos Gómez Ramírez (Colombia), Jamshed A. Hamid (Pakistan), Arturo Hernández-Basave (Mexico), Ibrahim Idriss (Ethiopia), Hassan Kassem Jouni (Lebanon), Kenneth Keith (New Zealand), Githu Muigai (Kenya), Rein Müllerson (Estonia), Bara Niang (Senegal), Mohamed Olwan (Jordan), Raul C. Pangalangan (Philippines), Stelios Perrakis (Greece), Paulo Sergio Pinheiro (Brazil), Arpád Prandler (Hungary), Pemmaraju Sreenivasa Rao (India), Camilo Reyes Rodríguez (Colombia), Itse E. Sagay (Nigeria), Harold Sandoval (Colombia), Somboon Sangianbut (Thailand), Marat A. Sarsembayev (Kazakhstan), Muhammad Aziz Shukri (Syria), Parlaungan Sihombing (Indonesia), Geoffrey James Skillen (Australia), Guoshun Sun (China), Bakhtyar Tuzmukhamedov (Russia) and Karol Wolfke (Poland).
3. Written consultation with the academic and governmental experts (2002–2004)
The experts listed above were invited to comment on two drafts, and a number of them provided written comments which were taken into account.