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El Salvador
Practice Relating to Rule 143. Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law among the Civilian Population
In 2009, in its sixth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, El Salvador stated:
191. The Inter-institutional Committee on International Humanitarian Law in El Salvador (CIDIH-ES) disseminates information in various sectors of the population on international humanitarian law and its application in armed conflicts, and to that end, it has held training and refresher courses for civil … authorities, interested institutions and the public at large.
192. These activities, which have helped to spread information on international humanitarian law, have focused on a culture of peace to prevent war and [encourage] respect for the application of international humanitarian norms in times of armed conflict … .
193. In conjunction with the National Council for Culture and the Arts and the Ministry of Education, the CIDIH-ES has introduced practical information on international humanitarian law in textbooks for students studying for first-level degrees. In June 2007, a page informing children about international humanitarian law was published in one of the biggest national newspapers.
194. The above-mentioned measures promote knowledge of the importance of international humanitarian law and respect of its norms, thereby heightening the awareness and improving the education of the population with regard to this issue. 
El Salvador, Sixth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, 2 June 2009, UN Doc. CCPR/C/SLV/6, submitted 13 January 2009, §§ 191–194.
In 2009, in its written replies to the Committee against Torture concerning its second periodic report, El Salvador stated:
The main international human rights and international humanitarian law instruments have been published and given to state and academic institutions … , the last of these having taken place in 2004. The publications incorporate the basic instruments applicable in El Salvador, and have contributed to the promotion and dissemination of human rights in the country. 
El Salvador, Written replies by the Government of El Salvador to the list of issues formulated by the Committee against Torture in connection with its consideration of the second periodic report of El Salvador, 12 October 2009, UN Doc. CAT/C/SLV/Q/2/Add.1, submitted 1 October 2009, Question 32, § 66.