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El Salvador
Practice Relating to Rule 139. Respect for International Humanitarian Law
El Salvador’s Human Rights Charter of the Armed Forces begins with the order to “respect and ensure respect for human rights”. 
El Salvador, Derechos Humanos. Decálogo de la Fuerza Armada de El Salvador, Ministerio de la Defensa Nacional, Departamento de Derecho Humanitario, undated, p. 4.
El Salvador’s Soldiers’ Manual begins by exhorting combatants to “always respect the rules stated in this manual”. 
El Salvador, Manual del Combatiente, undated, p. 2.
In 2009, in its sixth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, El Salvador stated:
To fulfil commitments with regard to … respect for international humanitarian law, the Inter-institutional Committee on International Humanitarian Law in El Salvador (CIDIH-ES) was created to advise the Government on measures for the application, interpretation and dissemination of international humanitarian law in order to meet its commitments. The Committee was legally established by Executive Decree No. 118 of 4 November 1997, published in the Diario Oficial No. 215, vol. No. 337, of 18 November 1997. 
El Salvador, Sixth periodic report to the Human Rights Committee, 2 June 2009, UN Doc. CCPR/C/SLV/6, submitted 13 January 2009, § 78.