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Republic of Korea
Practice Relating to Rule 62. Improper Use of Flags or Military Emblems, Insignia or Uniforms of the Adversary
Under the Republic of Korea’s Military Law Manual (1996), improper use of enemy uniforms is forbidden. 
Republic of Korea, Military Law Manual, 1996, p. 88.
The Republic of Korea’s ICC Act (2007) provides for the punishment of anyone who commits the war crime of “[making] improper use … of the flag or military insignia or uniform of the enemy …, resulting in a person’s death or serious personal injury” in both international and non-international armed conflicts. 
Republic of Korea, ICC Act, 2007, Article 12(2).
According to the Report on the Practice of the Republic of Korea, in the context of the North Korean Submarine Infiltration case, a report of the Intelligence Analysis Division of the Korean Ministry of Reunification pointed out that North Korean military personnel wearing South Korean military uniform lost their prisoner-of-war status. In the same context, a spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defence condemned the use of South Korean military uniforms by North Korean military personnel. 
Report on the Practice of the Republic of Korea, 1997, Chapter 2.6.