Related Rule
Practice Relating to Rule 59. Improper Use of the Distinctive Emblems of the Geneva Conventions
Under Hungary’s Criminal Code (1978), as amended in 1998, “whoever in war-time misuses the sign of the red cross (red crescent, red lion and sun) or other signs serving a similar purpose and recognized internationally” is guilty, upon conviction, of a war crime. 
Hungary, Criminal Code, 1978, as amended in 1998, Article 164.
Hungary’s Red Cross Society Act (1993), as amended in 1994, provides:
(3) The sign and emblem [of the red cross on a white ground] respectively together with the designation … may only be used, in times of peace or war, beside the Red Cross, by health formations and institutions specified in international treaties and may only be used for the protection [or] designation of the staff and equipment of the previously mentioned …
(5) Use of the emblem apart from the ways specified in paragraphs (3) and (4) constitutes … a summary offence. 
Hungary, Red Cross Society Act, 1993, as amended in 1994, § 5(3) and (5).