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Practice Relating to Rule 48. Attacks against Persons Parachuting from an Aircraft in Distress
According to the Report on the Practice of Egypt, it is the traditional practice of Egypt to spare persons parachuting in distress. The report notably cites military communiqués issued during the 1973 Middle East War. 
Report on the Practice of Egypt, 1997, Chapter 5.1, referring to Military Communiqué No. 34, 13 October 1973 and Military Communiqué No. 46, 18 October 1973.
However, during the debates at the CDDH, the Egyptian delegation stated that an “airman who attempted to escape capture should not be protected”. 
Egypt, Statement at the CDDH, Official Records, Vol. XV, CDDH/III/SR.47, 31 May 1976, p. 87, § 12.