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Central African Republic
Practice Relating to Rule 22. The Principle of Precautions against the Effects of Attacks
The Central African Republic’s Instructor’s Manual (1999) states in Volume 3 (Instruction for non-commissioned officers studying for the level 1 and 2 certificates and for future officers of the criminal police):
Precautions must be taken with respect to on-going military operations … Precautions must be taken as soon as, and provided that, the mission permits it ( … victims are searched and cared for in a combat area by medical personnel, etc.). 
Central African Republic, Le Droit de la Guerre, Fascicule No. 3: Formation pour l’obtention du Brevet d’Armes No. 1, du Brevet d’Armes No. 2 et le stage d’Officier de Police Judiciaire (OPJ), Ministère de la Défense, Forces Armées Centrafricaines, 1999, Chapter II, Section II, § 2.2.