Authors’ Note

This volume catalogues rules of customary international humanitarian law. As such, only the black letter rules are identified as part of customary international law, and not the commentaries to the rules. The commentaries may, however, contain useful clarifications with respect to the application of the black letter rules.
The practice on which these rules are based can be found in Volume II of this study. Each chapter in Volume I corresponds to a chapter in Volume II, and each rule in Volume I corresponds to a section within a chapter in Volume II.
The present study examines first and foremost the rules of customary international law that have been formed by State practice. References are therefore for the most part to State practice, and not to academic writings. Most of these references are cited in Volume II and the footnotes therefore refer to Volume II.
The qualification of conflicts in this study is based on the practice from which it is taken and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the authors or that of the International Committee of the Red Cross.