Practice Relating to the Prohibition of Certain Types of Landmines
Signing the Ottawa Convention on Anti-Personnel Mines on 4 December 1997, the Croatian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivo Sanader, referring to Croatia’s early involvement in the movement to ban landmines, noted:
It was in May 1996 that a group of countries declared their readiness and interest to have all landmines banned. I am proud to say that Croatia readily joined the “Ottawa Process” of which Canada was the initiator. Signing the Convention, we should bear in mind that we have not completed our journey yet. Entering into force of the Convention should be our first step and I would herewith like to call upon all the signatory states to ratify it as soon as possible. 
Landmine Monitor Report 1999: Toward a Mine-Free World, available at; Address by H.E. Dr. Ivo Sanader, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Ottawa, Canada, 4 December 1997.