Costa Rica
Practice Relating to Nuclear Weapons
In 1996, during a debate in the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, Costa Rica stated:
Without nuclear disarmament, our great progress and the great leap forward to the third millennium lose all meaning. The twenty-first century must be a century of comprehensive peace. This is why Costa Rica believes that the time has come to initiate negotiations within the United Nations on the total and unconditional abolition of nuclear weapons.
Costa Rica agrees with His Excellency the President of the Court that the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons has a destabilizing effect on international humanitarian law. Above all, Costa Rica endorses the need for the Members of the United Nations to initiate negotiations in good faith, on nuclear disarmament in all its aspects and to establish strict and effective international controls on nuclear weapons. 
Costa Rica, Statement before the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, UN Doc. A/C.1/51/PV.8, 18 October 1996, p. 13.