القاعدة ذات الصلة
Practice Relating to Rule 92. Mutilation and Medical, Scientific or Biological Experiments
According to Niger’s Penal Code (1961), as amended in 2003, the following acts, committed against persons protected under the 1949 Geneva Conventions or their Additional Protocols of 1977, constitute war crimes: mutilations, medical, scientific or biological experiments, removal of tissues and organs for transplantation, as well as
acts and omissions which are not legally justified and which may endanger the physical and mental integrity of persons protected by one of the conventions relative to the protection of the wounded, sick and shipwrecked, including any act which is not justified by the state of health of these persons or not in conformity with generally accepted medical standards. 
Niger, Penal Code, 1961, as amended in 2003, Article 208.3(2) and (9)–(10).