القاعدة ذات الصلة
Practice Relating to Rule 152. Command Responsibility for Orders to Commit War Crimes
Mexico’s Law on the Discipline of the Army and Air Force (1926), as amended to 2004, states:
It is strictly prohibited for a member of the military to give orders whose execution constitutes a crime; the member of the military who gives such orders … will be held responsible according to the Code of Military Justice. 
Mexico, Law on the Discipline of the Army and Air Force, 1926, as amended to 10 December 2004, Article 14.
Mexico’s Code of Military Justice (1933), as amended in 1996, provides: “Anyone who orders … any act of murder, physical injury or damage to property outside the fighting will be held responsible.” 
Mexico, Code of Military Justice, 1933, as amended in 1996, Article 222.