القاعدة ذات الصلة
Russian Federation
Practice Relating to Rule 122. Pillage of the Personal Belongings of Persons Deprived of Their Liberty
The Russian Federation’s Regulations on the Application of IHL (2001) states:
Personal protection means all effects and items of personal use (except arms and ammunition, military equipment and military documents), badges of rank and nationality, sums of money and articles having a personal value may not be taken from the prisoners of war. Articles used for their clothing or feeding shall likewise remain in their possession. Articles of value may be withdrawn from the prisoner of war only for reasons of security. It can be done only by order of an officer in charge of the maintenance of the prisoners of war and after the money amount and particulars of the owner have been recorded in a special register and an itemised receipt has been given, legibly inscribed with the position, rank, family name, first name and the patronimic of the person issuing the said receipt. Such objects, likewise the sums taken away shall be returned in their initial shape to prisoners of war at the end of captivity. 
Russian Federation, Regulations on the Application of International Humanitarian Law by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 8 August 2001, § 159.