القاعدة ذات الصلة
Practice Relating to Rule 113. Treatment of the Dead
Section B. Protection of the dead against despoliation
Nigeria’s Manual on the Laws of War provides: “At all times and particularly after a campaign, the belligerents must immediately take measures to … prevent [the dead] being despoiled.” 
Nigeria, The Laws of War, by Lt. Col. L. Ode PSC, Nigerian Army, Lagos, undated, § 34(c).
Nigeria’s Armed Forces Act (1993), as amended in 1994, states:
A person subject to service law under this Act who-
(a) steals from, or with intent to steal, searches the body of a person killed … in the course of war-like operations, or killed … in the course of [an] operation undertaken by any service of the Armed Forces for the preservation of law and order or otherwise in aid of the civil authorities; or
is guilty of looting and liable, on conviction by a court-martial, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years or any less punishment provided by this Act. 
Nigeria, Armed Forces Act, 1993, as amended in 1994, Article 51(a).