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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Victims of Armed Conflicts
Ratification / Accession:24.02.61

Ratification / Accession:03.06.82
Declaration Article 90: 12.12.2002

Ratification / Accession:12.12.2002

Ratification / Accession:27.09.90

Ratification / Accession:11.11.2001
Reservation / Declaration: 11.11.2001

Methods and Means of Warfare
Ratification / Accession:16.09.75 28.01.77

Ratification / Accession:12.10.2005

Ratification / Accession:02.05.2002

Naval and Airwarfare

Cultural Property

Criminal Repression
Ratification / Accession:11.04.2002

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