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Installations containing dangerous forces
Installations containing dangerous forces

Art. 17. In order to safeguard the civilian population from the dangers that might result from the destruction of engineering works or installations -- such as hydro-electric dams, nuclear power stations or dikes -- through the releasing of natural or artificial forces, the States or Parties concerned are invited:
(a) to agree, in time of peace, on a special procedure to ensure in all circumstances the general immunity of such works where intended essentially for peaceful purposes:
(b) to agree, in time of war, to confer special immunity, possibly on the basis of the stipulations of Article 16, on works and installations which have not, or no longer have, any connexion with the conduct of military operations.
The preceding stipulations shall not, in any way, release the Parties to the conflict from the obligation to take the precautions required by the general provisions of the present rules, under Articles 8 to 11 in particular.

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