Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Sanctions - Art. 28.
Art. 28. In the event of any such breach being established to its satisfaction the Permanent Court of International Justice shall publish its findings, specifying the State or States which has or have committed such breach, and thereupon it shall be lawful for any Signatory State not being a party to such breach without thereby committing any breach of its treaty obligations or of International Law to do all or any of the following things:
(a) assist with armed forces the State against which such breach shall have been committed,
(b) supply such last-mentioned State with financial or material assistance, including munitions of war,
(c) refuse to admit the exercise by the State or States committing such breach of belligerent rights,
(d) decline to observe towards the State or States committing such breach the duties prescribed by International Law for a neutral in relation to a belligerent.

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