Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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IV. - Protection of the civil population - Art. 3.
Art.3. In case of invasion or occupation, the civil population should be respected as regards freedom of worship, loyalty of patriotic sentiment, the physical integrity and moral dignity of the individual. Subject to the exercise - against payment or a fair indemnity - of requisitions necessary for the maintenance of the army, the civil population should also be respected in the integrity of its property. It should be loyal towards the local authorities, i.e. comply with the prescriptions required by public order.
The occupant may arrest every person who, as a member of the civil population, fails in his duties.
A special division of the Permanent Court of International Justice has been set op to deal with all disputes arising in this connection, as well as with all other disputes, between the occupant and the occupied.
Proceedings will be taken through the medium of the respective Powers which are protecting the interests of the belligerent enemies.

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