Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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I. - Sanitary cities and localities - Art. 8.
Art.8. The guarantees granted to sanitary towns can be extended to localities wherein mobile or fixed medical units, operating in close contact with the battle front, are gathered, on the following conditions:

1. They may receive at the interior and in a surrounding zone of 500 metres, no other military units than those properly belonging to the medical service, taking into account the case referred of Art.8 of the Geneva Convention:

2. They must place the emblems of the Red Cross at the exits of the locality; placing such emblems replaces the notification, which the adversary must ipso facto consider as having been made, unless he contests the legitimacy thereof in accordance with the proceedings of common law (parlementaires, wireless communication, ballasted message);

3. If no other decision has been made, the control will be carried out under the terms of Article 30 of the Geneva Convention.

It is however recommended to the interested parties to utilize, as far as ever possible, the good offices of the controlling organs composed of non-belligerents.

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