Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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Section II : Duties and rights of belligerents - Art. 13.
Art. 13. Auxiliary ships of belligerents, converted anew into merchantmen, shall be admitted as such in neutral ports subject to the following conditions:
(1) That the transformed vessel has not violated the neutrality of the country where it arrives;
(2) That the transformation has been made in the ports or jurisdictional waters of the country to which the vessel belongs, or in the ports of its allies;
(3) That the transformation be genuine, namely, that the vessel show neither in its crew nor in its equipment that it can serve the armed fleet of its country as an auxiliary, as it did before.
(4) That the government of the country to which the ship belongs communicate to the states the names of auxiliary craft which have lost such character in order to recover that of merchantmen; and
(5) That the same government obligate itself that said ships shall not again be used as auxiliaries to the war fleet.

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